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Our Team

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Alain Maassen

Studies:  Bachelor in accounting, management option


Titles:   Chartered accountant since the year 2011

Nationality: Luxembourgish

Languages: Luxembourgish, French, German and English


Being a human-sized accounting firm,

We are in tune with our customers.

Nos Experts-comptables

Alain Maassen

Expert-comptable, inscrit à l’OEC depuis 2011

Sabrina Collette

Expert-comptable, inscrit à l’OEC depuis 2016

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Our Accountants

A team of qualified and experienced people will handle your files on a daily basis.

Legal & Compliance

Our legal team advises you in the formalities with the trade register and assists you in the drafting of various documents such as the minutes of meetings of decision-making bodies, of general meetings, etc.


They also support you in dealing with notaries, ministries or banks.

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Administrative and payroll

Our administrative team strives to answer your questions on a daily basis and to provide an efficient and fast service.

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