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List of Services

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Payroll services

  • Preparation of monthly payslips

  • Registration of companies and affiliation of employees as well as self-employed with the Common Center for Social Security, the Direct Tax Administration, etc.

  • Preparation of annual remuneration certificates

  • Periodic reportings to the social security and salary tax authorities

  • Establishing employment contracts



  • Advise on companies structure (Incorporation, capital increases mergers, etc)

  • Tax advice and tax planning;

  • Advise you on the best economic and financial choices adapted to your company


Accounting and Tax services 

  • Bookkeeping for Luxembourg Companies

  • Financial analysis

  • Preparation of annual accounts

  • Preparation of minutes of meetings of shareholders

  • Filing of annual accounts and of decisions made by the management

  • Preparation and filing of direct tax returns and VAT returns

  • Consolidation

Fiduciary services

  • Assistance with the incorporation of the company

  • Provision of a registered office in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

  • Provision of directors/managers

  • Day-to-day company management

  • Statutory auditor

  • Application for a VAT number

  • Application for a business licence

  • Voluntary liquidation of companies

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